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  • 02 julio 2010 Descarga (Wolf) Formatted Author Names in Topic View v3.1.1 Beta 2

Descargar (Wolf) Formatted Author Names in Topic View v3.1.1 Beta 2

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Autor: Wolfie
IPS link: http://community.inv...ew-v311-beta-2/
Author's webpage:

Con esta pequeña edición de skin, podrás tener los nombres de autores en la vista de tema y que aparezcan en su formato, como en la página principal, en los conectados, etc.

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With this small skin edit, you will be able to have the authors names in the topic view appear in their formatted manner, just like in the Board Index, Online List, etc.

Look at the highlighted spots in the screenshot to get an idea of what this does (it's mostly greyed out to make it easier).

Thanks to Gaffney for pointing out a mistake in the find/replace code.

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